Ventrillo Server Stress Testing


I have got a few things to do:

1) Test with more than 2 People
2) Multiple User authentication
3) Max load test
4) See if we can crash it.
5) Suggestions on new channels to add (Once i have listed the main TBA below)

So i thought i would appeal to the OCAU and general Gaming people and see who would be interested in testing this for me, i have a huge array of channels for a multitude of games so im sure there is something for all.

I also need ideas and suggestions, but most of all feedback. once i get some interest we can talk testing dates and times.

And after this it might become free range for those of OCAU who wish to use it or public to see what happens

Active Users: 1 / 30 (Preferred Min Stress Test)

iXtreme 1.5 thoughts..


As ive said before , iXtreme firmware was the best thing to come to the Xbox 360 Scene, besides case mods :-)

But i feel that it sjust a little too easy to flash a Liteon drive, when there was all the scared little people out saying that they could never do it and they would have to swap out for a older type of drive like a Sammy or something, but NO MORE!!!

the iXtreme 1.5 for Liteons works flawlessly , not really a good recommendation on LIVE! of course as with all mods be sane and if your really into it, get another Box and have a legit one for LIVE and a mod box for all those other games for non-live use basically, then we dont get all the bitching about getting banned and all that. Always said that if your gonna cheat the system your gonna eventually get caught, and then people complain about it and wonder why no one has any sympathey for them :-)

Slight rant there, but i like it for backing up your expensive games taht you play  the crap out of