Youtube Ahoy!


The YouTube channel is finally running, well it will get better i promise. Hope to be adding more interesting things, although this is a relatively new thing for me, playing games is not. So baring that in mind I’m starting off with some of my DOS favorites (I’M NOT CALLING THEM OLD!) and moving on to bigger things later on when i get into full swing, so head on over and check it out.

i5 Sandybridge build.


Got some new sandybridge goodness. Built over the last 3 days, including watercooling and Crossfire 6870’s
So far 3DMark06 – 22456 so far on stock. 3DMark Vantage P22896

– Intel i5 2400 – 3.10Ghz  @ 3.80Ghz(Soon to be a i7 2600k)
– 8GB – 2 x 4GB DDR3 1330mhz – 1600Mhz XMP
– Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7
– 2 x HD6870 1GB  -OC’d 975Mhz Core , 1110Mhz Mem
– 850w PSU
– Antec 902 II with USB3

Ventrillo Server Stress Testing


I have got a few things to do:

1) Test with more than 2 People
2) Multiple User authentication
3) Max load test
4) See if we can crash it.
5) Suggestions on new channels to add (Once i have listed the main TBA below)

So i thought i would appeal to the OCAU and general Gaming people and see who would be interested in testing this for me, i have a huge array of channels for a multitude of games so im sure there is something for all.

I also need ideas and suggestions, but most of all feedback. once i get some interest we can talk testing dates and times.

And after this it might become free range for those of OCAU who wish to use it or public to see what happens

Active Users: 1 / 30 (Preferred Min Stress Test)

Soo the diet Update…


Well as i said before it was a bit drastic but necessary none the less.. but the up side is i have lost 6 kG!!!!! and counting in this time, im agine if i actually had time to exercise :-)

Side note:

I did get hold of Assasins Creed for PC today so  this will be a test of the Rig :-)

Unreal Tournment III


In a word “SICK!!!!” :-)

Got delivered today and getting into it already, will be doing some really really intense games till i eat this one inside out, or untill i get assasins creed early next year by the sounds of it. But never fear still got crysis to finish yet almost there.

but i have always admired the work of epic games and when i saw Gears of War i just new tha UT3 would be just crazy on the eyes and the adrealine pump.

Will stick some screenies at some really high res when i get  a chance.