The Xbox 360 PC Case Project


Wow this has been a while getting its way onto the site, bit since i have all the material together, (i.e Pictures) i will share it.

This mod came about because a mate of mine wanted to have a Xbox 360 but not in the conventional way, but rather have a PC case so he could put it with all his other awesome gear

So after much planning and getting the right case to fit, i set about working out a way to fit everything in there including an internal version of the HDD and ODD.

This worked well and we threw in some bling LEDS and the below is the result, such a great mod, and i reckon i will make another one but with much,much more jam packed into, might even this about a projector or a internal kinect or even some monitors and things… i seem to only be limited to my imagination.

360 Water Cooled with a little JTAG Thrown in


So i attempted a JTAG a while ago, and to say the least i failed a little cause of a flashing problem. But after i got my hands on a Xenon board and a few NAND tools, and maybe a little water thrown in, i went a little overboard and the result is below.

1 x 500GB internalised disc
Xtreme 1.7 DVD
Custom Dual Water Loop

To say the least a customer case is is order to make it portable, but this may take some time to make.

Damn the world has moved so fast


Things have been moving so fast , been so busy with smartphone testing, OSX Rigging, Starcraft II Playing and working hard.

Plenty of things to add to the blog later today, have work log of a new project to do with a Xbox 360 and total conversion to something portable and self contained
I Have finally finished making the MS-1727 the best notebook it can be. Have lined up for an iPhone 4 and compared to the Android world lastests Samsung Galaxy S. Pics and thoughts to be added for your enjoyment. Have somthing a litle fun with a 980X 6 core i7.

iXtreme 1.5 thoughts..


As ive said before , iXtreme firmware was the best thing to come to the Xbox 360 Scene, besides case mods :-)

But i feel that it sjust a little too easy to flash a Liteon drive, when there was all the scared little people out saying that they could never do it and they would have to swap out for a older type of drive like a Sammy or something, but NO MORE!!!

the iXtreme 1.5 for Liteons works flawlessly , not really a good recommendation on LIVE! of course as with all mods be sane and if your really into it, get another Box and have a legit one for LIVE and a mod box for all those other games for non-live use basically, then we dont get all the bitching about getting banned and all that. Always said that if your gonna cheat the system your gonna eventually get caught, and then people complain about it and wonder why no one has any sympathey for them :-)

Slight rant there, but i like it for backing up your expensive games taht you play  the crap out of

XBMC , Xbox 360 Cases, Wii of the Same



I still alive after last evil kaneval impression, those of you who were there prob all laughed as did i, but im getting better soon to be completly mobile again, driving and all that.

Anyways, now that i can mod and play with toys again is great, got some new Xbox 360 mods to test cases to play with and dremel :-) . Good news is i can now do all Liteon Drives and spoofs,  no longer an obsticle for all. I now also have a new Xbox 360 Elite , 120Gb HDD is now a must i feel with the new NXE  cause games on the HDD is brilliant, although it would be nice to trick the drive in to thinking there was a disc in there so you could play without even the disc in there and be completly disc free, but thats dreaming for the moment i guess.

i have now killed Windows Vista MCE completly on my MCE box and replaced it with XBMC Linux version, works well i must say with network shares and all , with MCE IR and the remote i would say its a good alternative to WMCE. Upscaling is a great feature too. Although i was looking at the development and would love to try it out on a Apple TV setup cause i think it would be a cheap alternative for those who dont want to spent tooo much on a MCE box.