Penguinguru’s ROM for SGSII CM7


My Second venture into the SGSII Rom world, this is my CM7 Based ROM

I present Penguinguru’s ROM for SGSII CM7 v0.05b

Please keep in mind this is a HUGE work in progress and im doing this as a side project and NOT a full time development thing
So changes will happen and i will try and get a nice little release cycle going.

This is built from the the awesome work of the Cyanogen Teams Nightlies tree!

Built straight from the GIT CM7.2 RC0 sources and compiled, BIG THANKS TO TeamHacksung!!!! for the hard work in porting to this wonderful device

– CM7 Nightly Based Rom [B]CM7.2.0 RC0
– Added Custom boot animation – [BOOT ANIMATION] The Droids – Thanks Dysgenic
– Changed back to 240Dpi
– Removed some CM apps left ones that i found useful to me (let me know if other should be included.)
– Added some extra APKs from AOSP and Launcher 2, Google Music Player –
– Updated to the recent Nightly trees
– Return of the Theme Chooser
– Included the Extra Theme

*Things to do*

– Custom Wallpaper
– More Custom apps
– add Dmesg boot screen option


REMEMBER THIS IS BASED ON CM7 NIGHTLY TREE at the time of release so all bugs from those come in the lunch-box

But im all for AOSP

So congrats to you all you are gonna be the best testers im sure

As Always with a new ROM Flashed ZIP via CWM 4+ , WIPE EVERTHING Before you start!!

TEST AT YOUR OWN RISK:I Take no reponsibility if you brick your phone or there is a fire or your cat turns demonic and you cant flash you phone again

Download links

Download version 0.05b (Based on CM7.2 RC0)

Download Google APPS (No Longer Included, Flash After Rom)

Previous Versions will also be left Here:

Teamhacksung – for the sources used
Cyanogenmod Team – for CM7 Sources
DvTonder – For the kernel