OSX-CUBE Development Box


Building a box to run Xcode and to perform all other development tasks im doing ATM seemed far away a while ago, however i made a small break through after the recent upgrades of Apple Hardware, i5’s have opened up most newer board revisions to be vanilla bootable. So with the following i was able to start this build:

1x Core i5 650 3.33Ghz
1x GA-H55M-D2H
1x 9800GT 1GB
1x 128GB SSD
1x 500GB 7200rpm
1x 160GB 5400rpm
1x Xcube Case

Current Running OS’s, 10.6.4 Snow Leopard, Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and Ubuntu 10.04 x86

360 Water Cooled with a little JTAG Thrown in


So i attempted a JTAG a while ago, and to say the least i failed a little cause of a flashing problem. But after i got my hands on a Xenon board and a few NAND tools, and maybe a little water thrown in, i went a little overboard and the result is below.

1 x 500GB internalised disc
Xtreme 1.7 DVD
Custom Dual Water Loop

To say the least a customer case is is order to make it portable, but this may take some time to make.

Damn the world has moved so fast


Things have been moving so fast , been so busy with smartphone testing, OSX Rigging, Starcraft II Playing and working hard.

Plenty of things to add to the blog later today, have work log of a new project to do with a Xbox 360 and total conversion to something portable and self contained
I Have finally finished making the MS-1727 the best notebook it can be. Have lined up for an iPhone 4 and compared to the Android world lastests Samsung Galaxy S. Pics and thoughts to be added for your enjoyment. Have somthing a litle fun with a 980X 6 core i7.