and the build begins


So after some awsome overclocking results, i moved to how i was gonna contain the beast and cool it properly to maintain these levels 24/7 scenario. After thoughts and some research i ended up with the following:

1 x Antec 902
1 x external loop, 2 Radiators , 1 res

So with that i have built so far about 98% of what i need to have running, although to create room and to make things neat is not an easy job. All that is left to do now is to make 2 custom brackets to hold the external rads onto the case and to deflect the air from the 4890’s to not get sucked into them, as this will just increase heat, and serious who wants that. Now i also in the future get custom blocks for the 4890’s so they are water cooled to reduce the noise of thier fans under full load. But attached are the pics of the build so far..

Let the Benchmarking Begin….


Well a small explanation is needed as to why this had to come about in the first place. :-)

I had too loops in my machine, GPU and a CPU loop, although heat and some small fail caused one of the reservoirs to obtain some small cracks and leak somewhat, so after some thinking and pndering on what to do as my machine would simply overheat it i played games, which frankly is almost useless to me, i had to come up with a way of new system design with what i had and not spending too much along the way. So i set about pulling apart the current machine and i set it out on an open air bench to see what happened. After a while i had to get rid of the GPU loop all together and a get the Original Fan based cooling system back on there, then i had to use the res from that on the CPU loop which was sadly the cracked one. After some testing and more frustration, discovered just dinna have enough power!!!!

So a new PSU has found its was into my machine testing.. thus getting more overheat and leading to some interesting Overclocking results of 4.25Ghz , heat then preceeded to be no issue achieving only 42c on idle and 71c on full load at this speed. This moved more towards overcloking results of 26786 3Dmark 06 score’s and 19380 Vantage score :-)



So i decided to work with the limited living space i have and make more room fore some preductive work around here.

– More space for having entertainment
– More workspace for doing PC and Console mods
– Not go out of my mind.

So Far this has been working well, however im only part the war there, a new desk of massive customer proportions is required to continue this project, i will be posting some pics from be fore and after very shortly

Torrent Box (Linux)


Everyone i think should consider these things, building one and getting right however is another matter for the press.

Box is:

Athlon 2400+ 1800Mhz
2x 500GB in RAID1
2 x 1000MB LAN NICS
OS: Debian 4.0r1
Runs Wine and uTorrent 1.8.2, SSH, VNC Support

This guy also runs headless and can be accessed via SSH, VNC or through a web browser for easy monitoring and adding of torrents.

Current uptime for this beast has so far been 22 days and counting since i put it in. Great and has handled over 510GB worth of data downloads with out dying :-)

Welcome to 2010!


Yep i just realize3d im slightly slack and havnt posted anything ive done in the last few months, probly a good as i have had no time as it is acctually post it :-S

– Smoothie 2.0 has finally mades its way into the world of my network
– MAC filtering of fail had to be implemented for reasons that should be obvious to anyone else who understands security
– 4.25Ghz BArrier has been broken on my i7 920 system
– Snow Leopard 10.6.2 100% EFI Based Installation has been fully tested and implemented including Wireless Atheros Support (Sadley second GPU still not working)

More to be posted