Smoothwall 3.0 SP1


Well, when a network reaches a time in it’s life when it will begin to die because or unhandles bandwitdh and packet management, what do you do? Well I thought let’s take the load of the routers and move it to a box that can manage itself, this prmpted me to go to the garage full of bits and peices and odd’s n ends, and create a master peice. Well I thought it was, my first attempt at this worked for approx 24hrs then graciously failed, so I had to rummage for a better machine, finally ending up with the following:

PIII 500mhz
512mb ram
3 x davicom based NiCs

And a partrige in a apair tree…

But now it’s. The best thing since sliced bread becMe toasted sandwhiches. Keeping seperate the internal and external traffic makes a huge load difference, monitoring and dhcp and firewall control over individual and mutiple ranges is fantastic, so you now all know what to do with those old boxes: http