Windows 7……


and so its here for all the world too see, well actually only developers and such, ( you know who you are) :)

but first impressions are fantastic so far, installed straight onto my desktop machine with high end hardware, th ONLY thing that needed drivers was the crossfired HD4890’s, THAT WAS IT!!!

Laptop even more, only the XD card reader, even the fingerprint reader and software was available over windows up date.

In the netbook worls, i cant beleive the performance i am getting in the Dell Mini 9 on Windows 7 Ultimate, its like im using a machine with at least twice the power, wireless and BT out of the box, GMA950 drives came from windows update, had to snag the card reader drivers from Dell and the Battery monitor driver as well to get 100% working system, but i must say im impressed so far.

Accross the board, install about 20mins or less , (faster from a USB install)

Will post more after some benchmarking.