Mini 9 Saga Begins…..


So i got a Mini 9 about 4 weeks ago, Been itching to start the awsome mods, Already installed OSX using EFI and a Real 10.5 Disc, Machine is also labelled well ;-)

Been running well but lacking in performance with the wonderfull 16GB SSD you get from retial and 1GB DDr2 you get as well, so the stuff required is trickelling in to do the rest.

1x 64GB SSD RunCore
1x DDR2 800Mhz 2GB

Mods Considered:

Upgrade SSD , And Mem, but then im going for the SSD activity LED and Cambera Upgrade, also going for the GPS upgrade and USB AHCI Additions.
Really interested in the GPS and Finally getting for SSD Space.