Replacment found within 24hrs :-)


Thats right i did some hunting and on good rec’s i got…. <insert drumm roll>

Corsair HX 620w PSU

And i havnt even opened it yet and its gonna have to stay on my desk, so when i get home i will be posting results of the machine working :-)

more to come…

Crash and Burn…..


ummm………. Yeah,

So it seems after ive been upgrading my PC for the past Year i for got to do one thing, UPGRADE the PSU, totally crossed my mind, so after i added the Last HD4870 to the crossfire system, umm it wasnt performing too well, so was playing around and decided to push the cards to the timit, got the nicest performance and results yet , Crysis on MAX at 1920×1080, was getting about 35-42fps and then, BANG!!!

Large explostion anf the death of the 600w PSU that WAS powering my system. SIGH

Can read about the saga that ensuid since on OCAU HERE



Yep, Got 2x Palit HD4870 Sonic 1GB

Nice cards  , Turbo option switch for dual Bios Clock Settings, Standard these cards are 500mhz / 2000mhz , seems that these Sonics OC’d Versions are 775Mhz/4000Mhz, so sticking them in a crossfirex confirguration seemed  a great idea.

Some nice results after some playing around will post them shortly when i have the images.

A new year a new theme….


Just as i had lost hope about finding a new new theme to suite my site after 2 years of searched i found it. My i introduce the awsome theme “pixeled”,

awsome work by Sam

w00t NEW Interwebs


ADSL 2+ Fun stuff from TPG

Yeah just thought i’d put it out there cause having 150GB’s is for WTF!!!!

So yes recently upgraded my interwebs cause i figured i need to have faster access to the world and the gaming comminuty when i have time. :-)