So you have nothing you can do except built a MCE Box?



I couldnt figure out what else to do so i built a MCE box, used to have one a while ago, but since i ordered a new NAS i figured why not make the whole house a fun place to be. So i rigged up the network for full coverage and subnet’s all in toe, then built the MCE box back together with Vista Ultimate and a DTV card. Added a dash of Xbox Media Centre to cover the other Screens in the place and…. tada a full multimedia home with GB’s of Music Movies and TV Episodes + DVD’s galore that can be accessed anywhere in the house even from a laptop if your so inclined. One flaw in the plan….

MY NAS HASNT ARRIVED YET…!!!! so i have rigged the HDD’s to my mac mini for the time being on a net share till i get it :-) might have to invest in some bigger HDD’s for all those HD Movies and Future TV recordings

3G iPhone 16GB, Finally….


Its Taken a while, but i finally have one. Have been on a 2.5G Version for a few months now, love the iPhone concept and its potential. It has so much adoption just like the surge of things with the iPod’s assault on the music industry, I’m sure the upgrades will also continue in the firmware side of things. CUT AND PASTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! is supposedly in 2.2 but this is a rumor at this stage and there will be a few things to some also i hope in it, and what would make it purrfect for everything….. well MMS built into the units firmware and Turn by Turn Navigation, but Tom Tom in the works will hopefully take care of this.

Being now well versed on the the ins and outs of this thing now after my work on the 2.5G version scene, im sure having a 3G will get some action of apps in the development department on my mac im sure :-)

oh dear…. Rest in Peace to the love part of my brain :-(


Well it seems when you thought it was all good you were wrong, and when you thought it would get better you were wrong.

But as people say when life trows you a curve ball, you get annoyed at the pircher and throw your bat :-S

its hard to learn lifes lessons and tribulations, when you have accomplished so much and have moved forward something will always be there to knock in the head again, and again….. and again, until all you have left is the thought that you cant do anything else apart from feel sorry for all and yourself and get stuck in a small ball rocking back and forward reciting binary numbers >_<

Lathough people may say it will all be good later, sometimes you will just never be the same and things hurt for a very long time and will probly never heal, buth with your friends and family you can get through it all and continue to a semi-normal lifestyle.

Peace is the core of thought and being, at least confucius says anyway.