New Palm Treo 500v… thats the Vodaphone clucked Version


V for for... ummm Very Slow...

Well I got one of these as a replacement for the Palm Treo 750, which was also a windows mobile 6 device, and 3G. It seems though this version of the Treo 500 is a bit different to the normal Treo 500 that is around in the UK, for example the UI in this version is a Vodafone custom version not the Windows Mobile Interface we are all used to since the world of windows mobile 2002. The Home screen is the only thing you can get back to being the original resemblance to the WM6 interface we all know and love. If the normal use could be reachieved i recon it would increase the speed and customisation of the phone expidentially.

I have been able to dump the ROM of the Phone but havn’t had time to play with it to get it to a cook stage. But if i can get my hands on a unbranded ROM from the standard Uk version. More on that when i get it.

iPhone development….


I also seem to have become a developer for the Apple iPhone platform, although it may be a while before i get to release anything useful for anyone to use.

Being a Developer for apple does have its perks though, being able to look at things before they are released to the public and iron out some kinks is a great hobby for those looking for a little challenge, will let people know when i actually get a chance to play with it all.

Woah… Its Been a while….


OK well people its been quite a while since i posted, been soooo busy with the nationals and getting things organised.

Well the good news is we went quite well , 3rd out of 12 nationally ain’t that bad in my opinion. So thats all over for another year, but it seems music is at it again, due to the fact that i have a CD recording to do in the next 2 weeks, but then it will be slightly less on the full on side and the rest.