In the Music World…


Well musically for me the world is getting pretty hectic. Have Nationals 2008 in Brisbane coming
soon and have to work crazily on my weekends till then. But still also have a CD recording coming up the weeks of April which will be a great experience. Although it s making a very exhausted human being out of me….

Yep its time for a weight update peoples and it seems i have lost a total of 8.5kgs :-S

Kinda crazy i must admit but that seems the be the way i’m traveling, its all the the greater good…




Well to all my friends and a acquaintances out there i am officially on face book, yes i know im lazy and didn’t really have time to do it but i have done so now so i can now be found in more than a million places in the world. :-)

Soo the diet Update…


Well as i said before it was a bit drastic but necessary none the less.. but the up side is i have lost 6 kG!!!!! and counting in this time, im agine if i actually had time to exercise :-)

Side note:

I did get hold of Assasins Creed for PC today so  this will be a test of the Rig :-)