I Claim Success….



So After leaving you with thoughts of so hes just doing another mod eh?

Well i have done now 5 of these new chips and i can clain they are the complete bomb :-) , also i will mention i have a Samsung Kreon flashed drive in my Gaming rig to rip the games and convert them for use with the NMEv2 Chips from that awsome Team Underdog….

I Have posted the files and pics and tools guides and such in the site file dump HERE

Keep up the good work guys

A modding we will go….


Have a few Xbox 360’s to do in the next few weeks, will have to add all the picks and the tutorials.

I will be wring the guides on how to burn the damn discs properly too cause not person around the place  has a clear idea of what to do when it comes to creating the discs to work on most drives and with most burners. Have all the tools and will get on to it shortly.