And say Goodbye 2007…


Yep again we love it , com on you know you do…..Thought i would do a last post before the end of the year and my holiday, its been a crazy year i can tell you, for some life changing and for others breathtaking. I have had fun this past year and i cant wait to get stuck into the new 2008 saga that begins in about 12.5 hours. If you got fireworks watch ’em and if you got drinks drink ’em cause its a happy new year ladies and gents. 


8 Days till Holiday…. :-)



Thats right Cant wait been so busy ATM..

But after the Christmas Break it will be great will Not be back Posting till Mid January, i know its a long time but i will be adding pictures and guides when get some serious time… which if you guess i dint really have that much of to be terribly honest :-) when i will it will be good.

…And 3 :-)


MMM TvPortsOther Ports

Yes there it is the wait is over

One 42″ LCD TV…. the bugger with all this is you need a lot of component cables to make everthing look all nice a neat, dont bother with RCA connections on anything this size its just useless.

Using a DVI-HDMI cable , i will be testing some HD Movies to see just how cool it really is.. :-)