Our Entertainment Night One…Two… And…


First Night Entertainment My Entertainment Night 2Close Up Rig

Thats right, on the first night my entertainment system is awsome with the worlds best in virtual surrond sound and a cool 13.1″ of cinema 4:3 display… :-)

Night number 2 was a huge upgrade now including amp and 5.1 surround sound and a 51cm display upgrade and 203 DVD’s, 1x PS2 1xWii and 1 Sick PC :-)

Next Upgrade comes this week which you will all see very very soon (Hint: it involves display and largness) ;-)

Unreal Tournment III


In a word “SICK!!!!” :-)

Got delivered today and getting into it already, will be doing some really really intense games till i eat this one inside out, or untill i get assasins creed early next year by the sounds of it. But never fear still got crysis to finish yet almost there.

but i have always admired the work of epic games and when i saw Gears of War i just new tha UT3 would be just crazy on the eyes and the adrealine pump.

Will stick some screenies at some really high res when i get  a chance.

I’m Back Baby!!!




Thats right peoples i’m back in action again, and also the happiest dood ever. So i am officially a married penguin :-)  and will be for a very very very (insert infinity symbol here) amount of time ;-)

I will be posting pics in the gallery for all the friends and family to see. I will now have time to start working on the site to some extent to get it fully operational when i can. But i will be doign some tutes that have been in the pieline for a while and getting them up and going, till then c you around :-D

Crysis is a Crysis…


 on X64 Vista Anyway :-)

Thats right the retail version of this game on release needed the updated beta drivers from NVIDIA 169.09 just to work properly. But after That its a dream Game on a Dream (Almost) Machine. with one slight issue.

X64 Compatibility  is a bit choppy and the perofrmance increase is marginal. i see no reason to play the game in x64 bit mode. But i have no other choice as i cant test it on x86 software as i have not installed it recently. But when i do it will hopefully be a little better than what it is now.

Woot It’s All Getting Closer….




Yeah it is and im starting to loose sleep….

 Wedding Very Very Soon….. Did the rehearsal last night, waoh is all i have to say, oh and tired.

When it all get done in a weeks time will be relieved  to say the least :-) but you only get to do these things once in your life and it will be exciting. so i will have large breaks in my posting i think for a while with moving and settling in and all :-) but never fear peoples i will continue to be posting, modding and game playing for many many years yet :-D …

GO HARD!!!! 




Well the short version of the story is it works!!!

The long winded version includes, something like this:

1) Super Mario Galaxy is a USA (NTSC) Version atm

2) Conversion usually doesnt work

3) Firmware needed to Play it correctly is in Beta

4)Duplicate Channels if you do it without workarounds

But… dont loos hope on that one because it DOES work on PAL consoles with Wiikey on 1.9g firmware and is DOES work on Cyclowiz v2 on 3.6-BETA firmware. This has been confirmed to be working on USA consoles without issues, and on PAL with these chips on D2B and D2A chip sets.

I will out guides on doing this on standard PAL systems with out getting duplicate channels :-)