The Xbox 360 PC Case Project

Wow this has been a while getting its way ontp the site, bit since i have all the material together, (i.e Pictures) i will share it.

This mod came about because a mate of mine wanted to have a Xbox 360 but not in the convensional way everyone else , but rather have a PC case so he could camo it amoungst all his other awesomegear 😀

So after much planning and getting the right case to fit, i set about working out a way to fit everything in there including an internal version of the HDD and ODD.

This worked well and we threw in some bling LEDS and the below is the result, such a great mod, and i reckon i will make anotherone but with much,much more jam packed into, might even this about a projector or a internal kinect or even some monitors and things… i seem to only be limited to my imagination.

Penguinguru’s ROM for SGSII CM7

My Second venture into the SGSII Rom world, this is my CM7 Based ROM

I present Penguinguru’s ROM for SGSII CM7 v0.05b

Please keep in mind this is a HUGE work in progress and im doing this as a side project and NOT a full time development thing 😀
So changes will happen and i will try and get a nice little release cycle going.

This is built from the the awesome work of the Cyanogen Teams Nightlies tree!

Built straight from the GIT CM7.2 RC0 sources and compiled, BIG THANKS TO TeamHacksung!!!! for the hard work in porting to this wonderful device

– CM7 Nightly Based Rom [B]CM7.2.0 RC0
– Added Custom boot animation – [BOOT ANIMATION] The Droids – Thanks Dysgenic
– Changed back to 240Dpi
– Removed some CM apps left ones that i found useful to me (let me know if other should be included.)
– Added some extra APKs from AOSP and Launcher 2, Google Music Player –
– Updated to the recent Nightly trees
– Return of the Theme Chooser
– Included the Extra Theme

*Things to do*

– Custom Wallpaper
– More Custom apps
– add Dmesg boot screen option


REMEMBER THIS IS BASED ON CM7 NIGHTLY TREE at the time of release so all bugs from those come in the lunch-box 😀

But im all for AOSP

So congrats to you all you are gonna be the best testers im sure 😀

As Always with a new ROM Flashed ZIP via CWM 4+ , WIPE EVERTHING Before you start!!

TEST AT YOUR OWN RISK:I Take no reponsibility if you brick your phone or there is a fire or your cat turns demonic and you cant flash you phone again

Download links

Download version 0.05b (Based on CM7.2 RC0)

Download Google APPS (No Longer Included, Flash After Rom)

Previous Versions will also be left Here:

Teamhacksung – for the sources used
Cyanogenmod Team – for CM7 Sources
DvTonder – For the kernel


Folding Stats now working

My folding at home project has now kicked of , well ill admit not as strongly as i had hoped. The good news is it will be getting better.

Folding for my good friends OCAU (Team 24)

THe Folding stats of my soon to be larger farm are available for a gander :

Folding is such a great idea and does require much to get into, heck if you have a PS3 you can join in too!!

See more from the Folding at home website:

Youtube Ahoy!

The YouTube channel is finally running, well it will get better i promise. Hope to be adding more interesting things, although this is a relatively new thing for me, playing games is not. So baring that in mind I’m starting off with some of my DOS favourites (IM NOT CALLING THEM OLD!) and moving on to bigger things later on when i get into full swing so i can present the first part of the first game here the rest will be uploading on the channel:

i5 Sandybridge build.

Got some new sandybridge goodness. Built over the last 3 days, including watercooling and Crossfire 6870’s
So far 3DMark06  – 22456 so far on stock. 3DMark Vantage P22896

– Intel i5 2400 – 3.10Ghz  @ 3.80Ghz(Soon to be a i7 2600k)
– 8GB – 2 x 4GB DDR3 1330mhz – 1600Mhz XMP
– Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7
– 2 x HD6870 1GB  -OC’d 975Mhz Core , 1110Mhz Mem
– 850w PSU
– Antec 902 II with USB3

The time has come….. Meet HAL-9000

The beast will be built, currently this project has no name (but im sure i will come up with something.

All parts are in for this build finally, this means that a server of awesome proportions will now be created, much like a normal Frankenstein (might even give it some evil eyes or something)

– AMD Athlon II X2 245
– Corsair HX-850 Power Supply
– Gigabyte GA-880G-UD3H Motherboard
– Skill F3-10600CL9D-4GBNT 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3

16 x Western Digital Green 2TB WD20EARS

Norco RPC-4224 Rackmount Server Chassis

2x Highpoint RocketRAID 2320

a funky timelapse capture of the built to youtube cometh.

a few new things….

Basically im saying this is a place holder for a new upgrade im doing to my beast of a notebook, bit of a guide for CPU upgrades and OCing a 5870M
Watch this space

OSX-CUBE Development Box

Building a box to run Xcode and to perform all other development tasks im doing ATM seemed far away a while ago, however i made a small break through after the recent upgrades of Apple Hardware, i5’s have opened up most newer board revisions to be vanilla bootable. So with the following i was able to start this build:

1x Core i5 650 3.33Ghz
1x GA-H55M-D2H
1x 9800GT 1GB
1x 128GB SSD
1x 500GB 7200rpm
1x 160GB 5400rpm
1x Xcube Case

Current Running OS’s, 10.6.4 Snow Leopard, Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and Ubuntu 10.04 x86